Certificate in Growth Hacking

Certificate in Growth Hacking

Grow your own startup or become the Marketer of the 21st century by learning growth hacking Techniques

About the course

Growth hacking is the process of rapid experimentation across marketing funnel, product development, sale segments and other areas of the business to identify the most efficient ways to grow a business.

The term Growth Hacking was originally, coined by Sean Ellis. However, the practice has been started way before that. The unicorns such as Facebook, Airbnb, Dropbox, Paypal and many more have used growth hacking in their successful business journeys.

All those brilliant minds from Silicon Valley when met with a financial crunch, came up with very interesting and unique cost-effective ideas. Example: A dropbox friend referral program to grow their business which later became a complete methodology.

How is Growth Hacking different than Traditional Marketing?

The traditional marketing is usually responsible for creating awareness and bringing leads however, growth hacking is about breaking silos between engineering, marketing, product and sales and conduct rapid experimentation amongst these departments.

Traditional marketing is only responsible for driving traffic to your website and product which focuses more on making people want your product through acquisition and activation throughout the product lifecycle. In contrast, Growth Hacking is all about working through the complete funnel of Awareness, Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Revenue, Referral to make a product that people want. Growth hacking hence focuses on different metrics depending on the stage of the product. In contrast to traditional marketing, growth hacking uses free or low-cost alternative channels for the funnel.

Through this Flip Pirate Funnel, growth hacking allows you to care about the whole customer journey by dissolving the line between marketing and product.

You will acquire these capabilities

  • Data & Testing
  • Analysis
  • Creative Marketing
  • Behavioural Psychology
  • User Experience Design
  • Coding and Automation
  • Experimentation skills
  • Product Market Fit

Course Highlights

Standard Duration

16 weeks


IfDE Studio, Anusagar, DP Road, Kothrud, Pune 411038

Option 1: Professional Certificate


Saturday & Sunday - Hands on tutorials
Monday to Friday - Practice on live project


Saturday and Sunday 9am to 4pm,
Monday to Friday Flexible 15 hours of practice per week with 1-1 mentoring sessions.
Total Effort - 480 hours

Option 2: Jumpstart Certificate


Exclusively Saturday & Sunday - Hands on tutorials and Practice


Saturday and Sunday 9am to 7pm,
Total Effort - 260 hours

Modules in this course

16 weeks, 16 modules.

WEEK 1: Personal Introspection & Leadership

Cultivate inside out leadership as a transformative journey to grow yourself and grow others

Learn how to introspect and visually represent what’s in your mind into a visual picture

Lead using an inside-out model and inspire with openness, intelligence, and vulnerability

WEEK 2: Opportunity and Problem definition

Cultivate transformative inspired leadership skills to grow your organization

Learn concepts such as Ikigai and “Be,Do,Have” to impact your team

WEEK 3: Empathic Research & Sense Making

Understand your customer and other stakeholder to develop insights

Empathetic research to understand stakeholder needs, pain points, gaps and aspirations.

Create insights through analysis of observations and sense making

WEEK 4: Marketing Basics

Create business value through customer and market segmentation

Learn to segment and prioritze your market through research

Develop marketing personas and principles to design the right product/service

WEEK 5: Growth Hacking Basics

Experimenting Strategies for Business Growth

Learn to analyze, track, improve, and scale your marketing strategies to drive growth

Learn concept from digital psychology, digital social fabric and social media psychology to develop appropriate marketing strategics

WEEK 6: Organizational Leadership

Cultivate transformative inspired leadership skills to grow your organization

Learn concepts such as Ikigai and “Be,Do,Have” to impact your team

WEEK 7: Scenario Based Futures Design

Envisioning future using foresighting, scenario based design and design thinking

Learn design futures techniques which is a combination futures and foresighting with speculative design.

Learn to create not only possible or probable future but also ideate about a preferred future.

WEEK 8: Systems and UX Design

Designing delightful systems, services and UX

Understand the basics of UX and System Design to apply it to design problems

At the end of this module, students will be able to ideate and develop early prototypes of their solutions.

WEEK 9: Design For Business

Making customers desire your products and services using cross cultural, persuasive and emotional design principles

Learn to design your product/service for different cultures, languages, and economy.

Persuasive design, and emotional design from the perspective of creating a better solution and also business success

WEEK 10: Iterative Design

Validating your ideas through prototyping and iterative design cycle

Learn to rapidly create various experiments and evaluate how useful or successful those experiments are till you have the right solution.

Understand topics such design sprints, iterative prototyping and research and experimentation methods for Idea validation.

WEEK 11: Analysis for Growth

Understand the tools for developing growth hacking strategy

Learn lean analytics, gap analysis, and growth levers

Learn how to build growth teams, product must-have and conduct high tempo testing

WEEK 12: Buyer Acquisition

Understand the basis of buyer acquisition

Understand acquisition channels, Setting up growth channels

Learn tools for acquisition and acquisition analytics

WEEK 13: Customer Retention & Conversion

Develop customer retention capabilities

Learn how to retain acquired customers

Learn conversion rate optimisation and Retention tools

WEEK 14: Hacking Monetization

Understand how to monetise your growth hacking strategy

Learn hacking and monetisation level

Understand virtuous growth cycle , the growth orchestra and few ready made strategies

WEEK 15: Organizational Management

Building and managing great teams

Learn to:

Design your team

How to lead a team and workplace

Talent management and creativity skills for team and group dynamics.

Teaching Framework

IfDE’s signature teaching framework of Acquire - Assimilate - Apply - Practice has been developed to get rigorous theoretical learning experience along with experiential practice exposure.



Every module thought in the course are hand picked by industry experts and educationists.



Weekend courses are a combination of tutorials, in class hands-on activities and group exercises.



Every course is augmented with a ‘Practice studio’ that runs in parallel during the



You get to practice capabilities on a live real life project, under mentorship from coaches

Who is this for ?

Anyone who is interested in growing startup or business with limited resources

Anyone who wants to be the marketer of the 21st century

Anyone who is passionate about growth hacking

A management team that wants to set up a growth team

Opportunities After This Course

Become part of a growth hacking/marketing team.

Open your own growth hacking agency

Open your own growth hacking agencyCreate your own growth team for your business

Learn and Work with Your Mentors

IfDE’s Faculty and Mentors bring 100+ years of experience in education, training, design & entrepreneurship. Participants will work with industry experts that will improve their skillsets and develop their mindset.

Course Certificates are trusted by Industry Leaders

We are building a network of partners, advisors and contributors from India, EU and the US


IfDE course certificates would be in collaboration with recognised Ajeenkya DY Patil University, Pune.