Design Driven Entrepreneurship

Art and science of designing successful businesses.


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February 29th 2020


Art & Science of building a
successful 21st-century startup.

Certificate in Design Driven Entrepreneurship course is developed by combining the craft of Design and the grit of Entrepreneurship, specifically for those who want to start, grow, or drive new ideas whether as a startup or inside a corporation.

Role of design in creating successful entrepreneurship.

The world is changing faster than we can imagine. The future of entrepreneurial space will have challenges that traditional approach cannot cope up with. Next Gen Startups like Airbnb, Dropbox have adopted Design Driven approach to create sustained growth, and outperformed their competition.

Design Driven approach to Entrepreneurship provides unique perspective to entrepreneurs and managers to think creatively about their business model, create delightful products and services, effective teams and resilient organization. In order to thrive in the ever-changing and dynamic global markets of tomorrow, the design driven approach to entrepreneurship will be the most critical capability for the individuals.

The Experience

During this experiential studio-based course, you’ll immerse yourself into foundational principles of entrepreneurship. This course consists of presentations, case studies, in-class assignments, pre-readings, and discussions.
Get to work on a real-world capstone project to apply all your learning and create a business pitch and working prototype as your professional grade portfolio. Be part of a small group of 25-30 like-minded and passionate entrepreneurs, designers, and product managers.

Strategy, tools and techniques

Learn entrepreneurship strategy and nuts & bolts of developing a successful entrepreneurship from practising experts with 20+ years of industry experience.

Real world projects

Unique framework focuses on learning by doing through practical experience of solving real-world entrepreneurship problems.

Managed learning

Next-gen learning management system with 24×7 online access to course content, assignments, discussions with peers and feedback from faculty.

Learn from the Experts

IfDE’s faculty includes practising industry experts with 20+ years of an individual experience of working with some of the biggest fortune 500 companies around the world, innovating and developing global solutions.

Dr Girish Prabhu

Girish is an expert in strategic design, innovation & designing for business. Worked at Wipro, Kirloskar, Kodak, HP, Intel & Srishti. He has 16 US patents and has created 3 new businesses using design-driven entrepreneurship approach.

Beena Prabhu

Beena currently leads research for the APAC region at PayPal. She brings 20+ years of experience in helping organizations understand the people they create products for and translate this understanding to compelling and sustainable products and services.


Sreekumar is Gallup certified strength coach. He is an ardent believer in heart-centred servant leadership and studies organisations that are epitomes of excellence with an inspiring culture that make a positive impact in society.

Dr Nikhil Varude

Dr Nikhil is the lead strategist at Circadian Comm & Analytics. He specializes in implementing growth-oriented marketing techniques that steers startup growth.

Samir Chabukswar

Samir is the Founder of YUJ Designs, UX Design Studio & UX Veteran with 20+ years of experience. His expertise is in defining systems, design processes, man-machine interactions & user experience.

Atul Saraf

Atul is the Founder of DesignFold Consulting. He brings in 20 years of experience in creating strategic UX and delightful IXD. Atul helps students envision and create next-generation digital products and interfaces for web and mobile.

Internship and Placement Opportunity

You can have chance to work with


Course Journey


Personal & Organizational Leadership


Empathic Research and Sense Making


Marketing Basics


Systems and UX Design


Iterative Design


Product Ecosystem Map


Innovation Models


Design for Business


Financial and Legal for startups

What you will Learn


Create business value through customer and market segmentation


Envision future using foresighting, scenario-based design and design thinking


Understand the basics of UX and system design to apply it to solve complex problems


Test innovation models based on a proven, research based framework to help you responsibly innovate your products/services to succeed in the game


Analyze, track, improve, and scale your marketing strategies to drive new revenue


Build, manage and effectively lead great teams


Validate your ideas through prototyping and iterative design cycle


Understand your customers and other stakeholders to develop insights


Make customers desire your products and services using persuasive and emotional design


Understand the legal issues in the business sector such as contracts, intellectual property, conflicts and resolutions, transactions, and partnerships Raise funds and manage finances effectively


Develop successful business models for startup


Conduct self-introspection and mapping of growth journey

Career Options after this Course


Management Executive

Business Developer

Product innovators and developers

Designed for Professionals

This course is designed for a wide variety of professionals who are passionate about product innovation & development and want to understand how a business idea can be executed. It is designed for professionals with an attitude and aptitude to take risks such as but not limited to business analysts, market researchers, product managers, software engineers, and designers.

Who can benefit

Anyone interested in the creating and growing of new digital products and/or services business can benefit from this course.


It assumes no prior background in entrepreneurship, psychology, sociology, human factors, or the disciplines that form the basis for the course content.

What is the future of Entrepreneurship in India?
According to a Gallup survey, while more than 60 percent of India’s population possess personality traits critical for success as an entrepreneur, few actually start or want to start, their own businesses due to the fear of failures. However, India has strengthened its positions as the 3rd largest startup ecosystem in the world, with 20% of the startups emerging from tier ⅔ cities. Start-up funding in India has grown at a rapid pace in the last five years with investment values increasing at a CAGR of more than 57%. In last one year, startups in India have created 40,000 new direct jobs while there was a three fold increase in indirect jobs.
Why do I need a course in Design-Driven Entrepreneurship?
Though the startup ecosystem is growing, 70% of startups established in the last 3 years have closed down and the ones established are still being questioned on their business models. Through our experience and our research substantiated by other public research (Forbes, McKinsey, CBI Insights), at IfDE, we have developed a unique curriculum around 6 principles that together can make or break a startup. Our frequent contacts with young entrepreneurs as well as stakeholders in the investor community have confirmed the need to “condition” entrepreneurs, fast, credibly and comprehensively so that you deliver the maximum potential and value to your investors. In India, there is a big gap between the needs & expectations of the aspiring entrepreneurs and knowledge & capabilities imparted by the current courses. Unlike other courses offered in India, Design Driven Entrepreneurship course at IfDE covers the underlying fundamentals and theories through hands-on experiential studio-based learning.

Partners in Education

IfDE has partnered with leading universities and institutes in India to deliver a world-class academic knowledge.

Learn from the experts and make an impact on the Entrepreneurship Ecosystem.

Foundation Certificate in Design Driven Entrepreneurship


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Sat & Sun – Hands on tutorials and Practice


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