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Master of Design (M.Des) in Design-Driven Entrepreneurship

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About the course

Master of Design (M.Des) in Design Driven Entrepreneurship course is developed by combining the craft of Design and the grit of Entrepreneurship, specifically for those who want to up their capabilities and skills in research, design, innovation and technology to start, grow, or drive new ideas inside a corporation or as a startup as well as for those who wants to be a FUTURE READY PROFESSIONALS.

The Design Driven approach to Entrepreneurship has globally proven to bring rapid growth and long term success to next-generation companies such as Airbnb, Pinterest, Instagram, Apple, P&G and Kickstarter

In collaboration with Ajeenkya DY Patil University, this formal post-graduate 2 years degree course equips you to DESIGN YOUR OWN CAREER.

Learning Experience

Be part of a small group of 25-30 like-minded and passionate professionals entrepreneurs, designers, & product managers.

Learn Strategies & techniques

Learn entrepreneurship strategy and nuts & bolts of developing successful entrepreneurship from practising experts with 20+ years of industry experience.

Learning by doing

The unique framework focuses on learning by doing through practical experience of solving real-world entrepreneurship problems.

24x7 online access to course*

Next-gen learning management system with 24×7 online access to course content, assignments, discussions with peers and feedback from faculty.
How does Design Driven Entrepreneurship lead to Future Ready Professionals?
Reports from HRD ministry state that, as of 2018 ,1.5 million engineering graduate enter into the job market every year. While the global needs for talent are changing and the workplace is constantly under flux, it is extremely difficult for educational institutions to catch up, being locked in legacy structures, missions and curricula.

Thousands of graduates are exiting the college funnel every year to end up in the unemployment pool. Meanwhile, CEO’s and HR heads of big companies and startups alike are struggling to find the right talent.

A recent report by the Institute for the Future (IfTF) clearly mentions that the students acquiring what are called as 21st century skills are more likely to succeed in this ever changing world.

Design Driven Entrepreneurship program combines combines the craft of design and the grit of entrepreneurship to impart 21st century skills, transformative mindsets and a design approach.

21st century skills allow students to develop transferable capabilities, whereas people who embrace and nurture transformative mindsets develop the capacity to think in enterprising ways. These mindsets help individuals to be innovative, seek growth and challenge the status quo.

Design Driven approach allows the students to think holistically & strategically in trains them to craft solutions that create impact. According to research, 75% of organizations and individuals having “design” as a core competency can innovate to outperform their competition and remain sustainable.

They are more likely to build products that address real needs through human centred design and drive new ideas as a startup or within a large company.

This combination of 21st century skills, transformative mindsets and a design approach allows us to build professionals who can hit the road running as soon as they graduate and also be relevant in the future.

Learn from the Experts

IfDE’s faculty includes practising industry experts with 20+ years of an individual experience of working with some of the biggest fortune 500 companies around the world, innovating and developing global solutions.

Dr Girish Prabhu

Girish is an expert in strategic design, innovation & designing for business. Worked at Wipro, Kirloskar, Kodak, HP, Intel & Srishti. He has 16 US patents and has created 3 new businesses using design-driven entrepreneurship approach.

Kanwal Rai

He was Vice President and Head of Wells Fargo Start-up Accelerator in India before turning into an adviser on Innovation, IP and Entrepreneurship. He is an author of a book featured at HBS Working Knowledge and alumnus of DCE & IIM C.


Sreekumar is Gallup certified strength coach. He is an ardent believer in heart-centred servant leadership and studies organisations that are epitomes of excellence with an inspiring culture that make a positive impact in society.

Dr Nikhil Varude

Dr Nikhil is the lead strategist at Circadian Comm & Analytics. He specializes in implementing growth-oriented marketing techniques that steers startup growth.

Samir Chabukswar

Samir is the Founder of YUJ Designs, UX Design Studio & UX Veteran with 20+ years of experience. His expertise is in defining systems, design processes, man-machine interactions & user experience.

Atul Saraf

Atul is the Founder of DesignFold Consulting. He brings in 20 years of experience in creating strategic UX and delightful IXD. Atul helps students envision and create next-generation digital products and interfaces for web and mobile.

Course Journey

1st Semester: Learn the Basics

Design Driven Entrepreneurship Basics

  • The semester hand holds and enables you to apply the concepts learnt to realize your product/service ideas or create your first idea pitch.
  • Understand the overall landscape of Design Driven Entrepreneurship through studio-based learning approach.
  • Develop basic understanding of various elements of new product development such as research, ideation, innovation, UX design, behavioral design, marketing, and technology trends.
Personal and Team Development
Empathetic Research
Growth Hacking

2nd Semester: Choice-Based Navigation

  • The choice based navigation allows you to pick the units that you are interested in, and develop advanced capabilities. 27 units offered* in the seven principle clusters (Please download the brochure).  In parallel to the chosen five units, you will also work on a semester-long studio project to create your 2nd pitch.

Summer Session: Hone Your Skills

OPTION 1: Work on Your Own Idea

Under mentorship from from IfDE experts, work on your product/startup ideas.

OPTION 2: Get Professional Work Experience.

You can do a project internship with a startup or an organization involved in product and service design/development.

3rd Semester: Define Your Career

Option 1: Choice based navigation

This choice based navigation allows each student to pick the units that you are interested in and/or want to develop further capabilities.

You can choose additional five units from the 27 units offered* in 7 principle clusters.

Option 2: Qualifying project

You can take a full semester long design driven entrepreneurship project on campus. These practice studios are designed to provide the students an opportunity to practice their skills and capabilities under guidance, so that student is prepared for the final project.

Option 3: Study abroad opportunity

You may have an opportunity to study abroad in a programs that has an alignment with the university.

4th Semester: Take Off

  • Students are required to take a full semester long Design Driven Entrepreneurship project.
  • The practice studios are designed to provide students and entrepreneurs an early stage incubator-accelerator setup, so that student teams work in dedicated co-working space for 14 weeks on their startup ideas.
  • Students will be mentored and will also attend master classes to hone their skills.
  • The practice studio will also have sessions from industry expert to fuel your creativity.

Be A Future Ready Professional

Understand your end users, customers and other stakeholders to develop deep insights
Create business value through customer and market segmentation
Develop new innovation models using behavioral economics principles to help you innovate your products/services
Design and develop responsible products and services using behavioral design, persuasive design and emotional design principles
Analyze, track, improve, and scale your marketing strategies to drive revenue
Build, manage and effectively lead great teams, through self-introspection and mapping your journey
Envision future using foresighting, scenario-based design and design thinking
Understand the basics of UX, systems and service design to solve complex problems
Learn data science basics and human centred artificial intelligence and machine learning fundamentals.
Validate your ideas through prototyping and iterative design cycle
Understand the legal and financial aspects in the business sector such as contracts, intellectual property, conflicts and resolutions, transactions, and partnerships

Internship and Placement Opportunity

You can have chance to work with


Career Opportunities after this Course

UX Strategist

Entrepreneur / Intrapreneur

Product Manager

Business Strategist

Innovation Stratrgist

Design Leader

IfDE and Ajeenkya DY Patil University

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Master of Design (M.Des) in Design Driven Entrepreneurship


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